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F&P Nova Micro Mask - Fit Pack S, M & L

F&P Nova Micro Mask - Fit Pack S, M & L

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MicroPillows. Less is best.

Nova Micro Pillows Mask Fit Pack – small, medium and large

F&P Nova Micro™ was created for patients wanting a minimal mask that doesn’t compromise on comfort and performance.

Weighing under 40 grams - Some patients reported it felt like they weren’t even wearing a mask, resulting in a natural sleep experience.

Soft MicroPillows - The cushion nestles gently within the nostrils and inflates to conform to the patient’s nose.

Easy Adjusting Headgear - Fitting is easy with the dual-sided adjustments which enable patients to fine-tune the headgear on each side of the face.

The compact cushion and frame rests close to the face. This provides stability, freedom of movement, and allows patients to sleep in their preferred positions.

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